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Our therapist offers a wide range of treatments in a relaxing atmosphere.

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Massages to refresh mind, body and soul

Back, neck and shoulder (60 min)

This soothing massage is custom-designed to reduce body tension, as it targets specific muscles of the back, shoulders, neck and scalp - applying pressure to relieve the pressure of daily life.

Full body massage (90 min)

A soothing and deeply healing treatment that carefully stretches muscles and reinvigorates pressure points.

Biokinetics Sport massage (60 min)

Ideal massage to manage and prevent injuries, muscle pain and stress symptoms. it releases tensions and pain and restores of movement and so good health.

Holistic head massage (30 min)

A traditional Indian massage, combining gentle and stimulating techniques on the neck and scalp, that improves blood flow, nourishes scalp and induces a sense of calmness.



Hands-on vitamin treatment (60 min)

Moisturising and conditioning treatment improving the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tones and sun-damaged skin.

Deep-cleansing vitamin therapy (60 min)

Energises tired-looking skin and restores radiant appearance. The mild exfoliating formula refines the appearance and texture of sun-damaged, mature and acne-prone skin.


Relaxed hands and feet

Manicure (60 min)

A pampering hand treatment that beautifies both hands and nails. Hands are exfoliated and massaged; nails are shaped and cuticles groomed. Your nails are then buffed or coated with a polish of your choice.

Pedicure (60 min)

In the name of pampering and beautifying your feet, the treatment exfoliates, shapes nails, grooms cuticles and treats the rough skin on the soles of the feet. Includes a deeply-relaxing foot massage and nail painting with a polish of your choice.

French paint (15 min)

A nice extra with your manicure or pedicure resulting in a natural-looking and well-groomed hands and feet.


Brow and lash tinting and brow shaping

Brow shape

Brow tint and shape

Lash tint

Brow, lash tint & brow shape



Our therapist can make make-up suggestions that are best suited for you.





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