• we smelt the lavender, we saw the stars and felt the charm! Thank you for being such a fantastic hosts!

    Fam Koch
    12 March 2017 from Switzerland
  • Besser geht nicht...!

    Adi & Vera
    04 March 2017 from Hamburg
  • Perfectie behoeft geen krans zeggen wij in navolging van!

    Dirk and Elleke
    24 February 2017 from Amsterdam, NL
  • A wonderful stay, very relaxing after a hectic trip. Just what the doctor ordered!

    Henry & Surra
    20 February 2017 from UK
  • Great overnight stay- Super Service - Friendly and Professional

    Les and Aunt
    18 February 2017 from Port Elizabeth
  • Een beter honeymoon hadden we ons niet kunnen wensen! Het is hier fantastisch, jullie hebben ons helemaal in de watten gelegd.

    Celine & David
    07 February 2017 from Amsterdam
  • Amazing stay, all to brief, attention to detail wonderful!

    Andrea and Austin
    31 January 2017 from London, GB
  • Lots of beautiful features, fantastic rooms, massages, incredible breakfast;space, design, simple and chic!

    Emmanuel and Willem
    26 January 2017 from JHB, SA
  • What a wow-place!!! without our pictures we would believe it to be a dream!

    Ove & Ragnhild
    22 January 2017 from Norway
  • A four star B&B??? Try adding a zero after the "4"! Fantastic!

    Gerald and Doreen
    18 January 2017 from Ontario CAN

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