• What an awesome experience! Txs!

    Natalie and Jack
    12 September 2013 from Melbourne, Aus
  • We plan to return to live here forever! absolutely great!

    Nicole and Tristan
    26 August 2013 from Cape Town
  • Onwaarschijnlijk genoten, hoe zou het zijn in de zomer? Paradijselijk!

    Yvonne and Bert
    13 August 2013 from Zoetermeer, NL
  • What an oasis of beauty and comfort! you spoilt our family in every way! lovely treatments

    Matt and Liz
    21 July 2013 from California, USA
  • Reizen kan vermoeiend zijn, maar hier kun je pas echt ontspannen! Ongelooflijk!

    Lisanne en Niels
    17 May 2013 from Utrecht
  • Everything was absolutely perfect! We cannot have dreamed that it could be any better. You went above and Beyond... and it was noticed and appreciated by all!

    Jack & Jill
    10 April 2013 from London
  • Beautiful guesthouse in every regard. We hate to leave!

    Mike and Alice
    20 March 2013 from Costa Rica
  • we smelt the lavender, we saw the stars and felt the charm! Thank you for being such a fantastic hosts!

    Fam Koch
    12 March 2013 from Switzerland
  • Lots of beautiful features, fantastic rooms, massages, incredible breakfast;space, design, simple and chic!

    Emmanuel and Willem
    26 January 2013 from JHB, SA
  • What a wow-place!!! without our pictures we would believe it to be a dream!

    Ove & Ragnhild
    22 January 2013 from Norway

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